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Sunday distribution

JRK Kladno, s.r.o. is the only distributor of Sunday press in Bohemia and, in the Vysočina region, we also partly reach to Moravia. It distributes the best known Sunday papers, such as Nedělní Blesk, Nedělní Aha! and other papers mostly connected with these strong brands. for CZECH NEWS CENTER a.s. As part of the distribution, the company provides these newspapers to large retail stores all over the Czech Republic.

Products catalog

We provide the following distribution for CZECH NEWS CENTER a.s.:

Nedělní Blesk
Nedělní Blesk CZK 22
Nedělní Blesk is a Sunday paper, an extended edition of the daily paper Blesk. It offers current news with an emphasis on Saturday events. As a supplement, there are TV program listing information and crossword puzzles. It is available in different versions all over Czech and Moravia.
Nedělní Aha!
Nedělní Aha! CZK 19
Nedělní Aha! is a Sunday paper, an extended edition of the second most widely read Czech tabloid. It has been released by the publishing company CZECH NEWS CENTER a.s. since October 2007. Nedělní Aha! brings current weekend event news as well as entertaining show business news.
Nedělní Blesk Crosswords
Nedělní Blesk Crosswords CZK 20.90
This bi-weekly Sunday crossword paper brings the reader 36 large format pages of various crossword puzzle contests, eight-way puzzles and Sudoku for the whole family.
Nedělní AHA! Crosswords
Nedělní AHA! Crosswords CZK 19.90
Nedělní AHA! Crosswords is a bi-weekly leisure pocket crossword puzzle paper for the whole family. It contains crossword puzzles and rebus contests with interesting winning prizes. Each issue also contains fascinating articles and interviews with Czech celebrities.
Nedělní Sport Crosswords
Nedělní Sport Crosswords CZK 19.90
This 32-page Sunday crossword paper offers a combination of sport topics with fun crossword puzzles and Sudoku. There are also quizzes, interviews with and presentations of famous sportsmen as well as facts from the sport field.
Blesk for Women Crosswords
Blesk for Women Crosswords CZK 24.90
Solving not only for women. Great crosswords, rebus puzzles, sudoku and curiosities from the series. A monthly magazine full of puzzles, tests and interesting information for everyone (not just for women) who needs to rest after a hard day.
Aha! for Women Crosswords
Aha! for Women Crosswords CZK 22.90
52-pages magazine Aha! for women Crosswords is a monthly magazine full of solving and good ideas. You will find 18 large and 8 smaller Swedish crosswords, 48 sudoku puzzles from the lightest through medium to very difficult, as well as eight-way-puzzles, various quizzes and puzzle games, as well as a double page for children. In addition, everyone who loves to create will find something to their liking here. Seven pages of ideas for making decorations, recycling old things or creative tips will delight all generations.
Nedělní Blesk Sudoku
Nedělní Blesk Sudoku CZK 45
The Sunday paper Blesk Sudoku offers 128 pages of crosswords and entertainment. It is for sale at the end of every month for 39 CZK. Besides Sudoku, there are dozens of various jokes (blond jokes, police jokes, sex jokes, political jokes,) as well as favorite movie lines and funny quizzes with results.
Nedělní Aha! Sudoku
Nedělní Aha! Sudoku CZK 23.90
The Sunday paper Aha! Sudoku  offers 92 Sudoku puzzles on 68 pages for 19,90 CZK. Every issue provides a unique insight into the world of crime and contains photographs of crimes that have shocked Czechia. The reader gets the opportunity to get acquainted with national and international criminal records, the best lines from courtrooms and detective quizzes and tests.
Nedělníček CZK 25
Once a month, the children’s Sunday magazine arrives with 20 pages of amusing and informative articles, quizzes, coloring pages, cartoons and cardboard paper cut-out templates.
Blesk mobil Crosswords
Blesk mobil Crosswords CZK 24.90
The monthly magazin “BLESKmobil crosswords” offers interviews with celebrities, Ina T.'s fashion police, articles on technology or horoscopes. In addition to figure eights and sudoku, readers can look forward to 25 winning crosswords for interesting prizes.

Distribution map

JRK Kladno, s.r.o. is the only distributor of Sunday press in Bohemia and, in the Vysočina region, we also partly reach to Moravia. As part of the distribution, the company provides newspapers to large retail stores all over the Czech Republic.



South Bohemian Region
  • České Budějovice
  • Český Krumlov
  • Jindřichův Hradec
  • Písek
  • Prachatice
  • Strakonice
  • Tábor
Karlovy Vary Region
  • Cheb
  • Karlovy Vary
  • Sokolov
Hradec Králové Region
  • Hradec Králové
  • Jičín
  • Náchod
  • Rychnov nad Kněžnou
  • Trutnov
Liberec Region
  • Česká Lípa
  • Jablonec nad Nisou
  • Liberec
  • Semily
Pardubice Region
  • Chrudim
  • Pardubice
  • Svitavy
  • Ústí nad Orlicí
Plzeň Region
  • Domažlice
  • Klatovy
  • Plzeň-jih
  • Plzeň-město
  • Plzeň-sever
  • Rokycany
  • Tachov
Central Bohemian Region
  • Benešov
  • Beroun
  • Kladno
  • Kolín
  • Kutná Hora
  • Mělník
  • Mladá Boleslav
  • Nymburk
  • Praha-východ
  • Praha-západ
  • Příbram
  • Rakovník
Ústí nad Labem Region
  • Děčín
  • Chomutov
  • Litoměřice
  • Louny
  • Most
  • Teplice
  • Ústí nad Labem
Vysočina Region
  • Havlíčkův Brod
  • Jihlava
  • Pelhřimov
  • Třebíč
  • Žďár nad Sázavou

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